Exactly how it sounds! Here at Paws Yoga we have curated Manchester's first yoga classes with the best kind of twist - puppies! You will take part in a yoga class whilst surrounded by the cutest litter of puppies. The pups are free to roam, play and socialise with everyone and if you do more cuddling than yoga then we dont blame you!

  • Puppy Yoga Manchester

    Benefits of puppy yoga

    Puppy yoga and being around dogs helps contribute to a lower level of stress and anxiety. This paired with gentle yoga, is the perfect combination for your mental and physical well-being.

  • Manchester Puppy Yoga

    Where do our puppies come from?

    We only work with the most ethical of breeders who's litters come from loving family homes. At the end of the classes these puppies go back to their homes.

  • Benefits for the puppies

    Puppy yoga offers them the chance to socialise with a variety of humans in a relaxing environment. Building their confidence, helping them become a happy and healthy dog!