About Us

Here at Paws Yoga we pride ourselves on being Manchester's first ever puppy yoga!
We wanted to create a unique experience that allowed people to escape from the everyday stresses of life... and what's better than a full hour of puppy cuddles and play in a calming and relaxing environment?!

The class consists of 30 minutes of gentle yoga and 30 minutes of puppy play. Whilst you start the class the puppies are are kept in a private room with all their home comforts. Once the yoga portion has finished the puppies are let into the studio and are free to roam and play around you. Towards the end of the session we welcome you to take part in some more yoga. 

Our schedules are pre-announced and once tickets are available they can be booked through the 'book tickets' tab at the top of our page. On successful checkout a confirmation email will be sent to you - please also check any junk boxes just in case.  

All of our puppies come from loving family homes from reputable and ethical breeders or charities. At the end of the day these puppies go back to their homes whilst they await their furever homes. 

Puppy yoga is extremely beneficial to the puppies as it increases their socialisation skills and confidence. It is just as beneficial for us humans too, being around puppies and dogs is proven to help lower stress, anxiety, blood pressure and release all those feel good hormones! 

All Paws Yoga attendees must fill out and sign a safety form before taking part in the sessions for the pets safety and your own. 

Lots of love,

The Paws Yoga Team x