Where are you based? 

We are based in Manchester in and around the city centre. 

Where are the Yoga sessions held?

Our yoga classes are held in Manchester city centre, we confirm the location via email around 7 days before the event. We do not release the location to ensure the safety and security of the puppies. 

Do I need to be a yoga pro for the classes?

No you can be a complete beginner! Our classes are based around a more gentle style yoga - no scary balancing positions here! 

What do I wear? 

Something that you are comfortable moving around in. Please bare in mind that as you are taking part in puppy yoga there maybe some accidents so a change of clothing is advised. 

Do I need to bring my own Yoga mat?

Nope you don't need to bring your own mat, we will provide everything!

Can I bring my own pet? 

Unfortunately no, due to safety reasons you cannot bring your own pets. 

Are the puppies trained?

For the most part no they are not. As we work with puppies aged 8-13 weeks they are still very new to the world and still learning their manners. Sessions will inevitably involve some potty accidents and possibly some nipping as they learn and explore interactions with us humans. If this is something that is of concern to you we would advise against booking in on our classes. 

Can we take pictures with the puppies? 

100% yes!

What puppies will be at the sessions?

We work with various trusted breeders which means most sessions will have a different breed of litter. Once we have the breed confirmed we will send out an email ahead of go live letting you know what these will be! Please note that the puppies health and safety is our main priority and therefore the type of breed is subject to change last minute if appropriate. 

What ages are allowed to participate? 

Our classes are for participants 18+. Paws yoga reserve the right to check for ID so please ensure you bring this with you for confirmation of your name and age.