Benefits dogs have on mental health

Whilst there are a variety of different methods to help alleviate stress and improve mental health, one of the most wholesome and effective ways involves mans best friend, our furry friends – dogs. Dogs go beyond being just a faithful companion, they offer mental health benefits that can significantly enhance our own well-being.

Don't just take our word for it! recent studies showed that people who spent time with a therapy dog whilst in Accident and Emergency reported less pain when leaving. This could be linked partly to the fact that just being around dogs can boost our serotonin and dopamine levels.

Dogs can help significantly when supporting our own mental health as they provide a sense of purpose to most e.g. a furry friend relying on you for a walk each day gives us a reason to ensure we leave the house. They can also aid in helping combat loneliness due to the emotional connection we as humans have towards them. Blue Cross recently did a survey on just this, reporting that 58% of respondents suffering with mental health problems stating that love & loyalty was the most beneficial aspect for their mental health of owning a pet – the most popular reason cited. 

All of the above being said, owning a dog is a huge commitment and is not always suitable for everyone. That's why here at Paws Yoga (Manchester's first puppy yoga) we enable our customers to reap all of these great mental health benefits that dogs provide (major serotonin surges!) For those that can't have a puppy of their own. Each attendee has plenty of opportunity for 1:1 cuddles during our sessions and we can assure that after leaving one of our sessions you will have the biggest smile on your faces. Book on a session or join our waitlist today for possibly the best hour you'll have had all week - we can't wait to see you there! 

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